BUNDLE PACK - Piave "Selezione Oro" & Grana Padano 20 months

Your most loved combination: 1 Kg of Piave PDO Vecchio "Selezione Oro" & 1 Kg of Grana Padano PDO Riserva 20 months, together at a very special price!

BUNDLE PACK - Piave "Selezione Oro"  & Grana Padano 20 months Maximize

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  • 2 x 1 Kg

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Piave PDO is a hard, cooked-curd cheese produced in the province of Belluno, the northernmost tip of the Veneto region, where fodder, rich in florets, gives milk particular organoleptic features. Today, it is still produced using the ancient rules of the dairyman's art.

Piave Vecchio Selezione Oro PDO is guaranteed to be aged more than 12 months. It has a compact, yellow-coloured curd and a full-bodied flavour with friable structure, which makes it absolutely unique. For brand awareness and consumer protection, the brand is imprinted vertically, in alternating directions, over the entire rind. It also has a pelure paper label on one flat side, which indicates the aging of the product.
Ingredients: Cow's milk, salt, rennet. Preservative: Lysozyme (Egg protein). Inedible rind.
  • Aged more than 12 months
  • Rind smooth, even, intense ochre colour
  • Curd intense straw-colour, grainy and crumbly
  • Holes absent
  • Flavour full-bodied with friable structure
  • Shape cylindrical, straight heel, “Piave” mark stamped on the heel
  • Dimensions diameter 26/30 cm, height 7.5 cm
  • Weight 1Kg wedge

Grana Padano is one of the most well-known and loved PDO cheeses both in Italy and abroad. Grana Padano PDO Lattebusche is made from cow's milk and it is a hard, cooked-curd cheese. The curd is grainy and crumbly, white or pale yellow in color, covered by a hard, darker colored rind. The aroma is reminiscent of milk and butter, the flavor is intense and fragrant.
Long aging and high nutritional value make Grana Padano easy to digest and a good addition to a well-balanced diet. The vacuum-sealed package keeps  flavour and quality of the cheese unchanged for 12 months.  
Ingredients: Cow's milk, salt, rennet. Preservative: Lysozyme (Egg protein). Inedible rind.

  • Aged  20 months
  • Rind smooth, even, intense ochre colour
  • Curd Grainy, crumbly, white or pale yellow in color
  • Holes absent
  • Flavour Intense, fragrant flavor

Brand: Lattebusche