BUNDLE PACK - 3 x Piave Mezzano

Save always 5% with the BUNDLE PACK: 3 x 1 kg  wedges, vacuum-packed. Minimum ageing period: 61-180 days.

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  • 3 x 1 Kg

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BUNDLE PACK: 3 X 1Kg Piave PDO Mezzano.

Piave PDO is a hard, cooked-curd cheese produced in the province of Belluno, the northernmost tip of the Veneto region, where fodder, rich in florets, gives milk particular organoleptic features. Today, it is still produced using the ancient rules of the dairyman's art.
Piave Mezzano PDO is aged from 61 to 180 days. It has a compact, yellow-coloured curd and a sweet and tasty flavour that increases in intensity with aging. For brand awareness and consumer protection, the brand is imprinted vertically, in alternating directions, over the entire rind. It also has a pelure paper label on one flat side, which indicates the aging of the product.
Ingredients: Cow's milk, salt, rennet. Preservative: Lysozyme (Egg protein). Inedible rind.
  • Aged 61-180 days
  • Rind smooth, even and thin
  • Curd light straw-coloured
  • Holes absent
  • Flavour sweet and tasty
  • Shape cylindrical, straight heel, “Piave” mark stamped on the heel
  • Dimensions diameter 29/33 cm, height 8 cm
  • Weight 3 Kg

Brand: Piave DOP