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Minimum ageing period:  60 days. Format: 1 Kg.

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Montasio PDO has a hard, compact curd, pale yellow in colour with small evenly distributed holes. The rind is smooth, elastic and light brown in colour. It has a pleasantly mild and delicate flavour reminiscent of the milk used to produce it; its aroma is delicate and slightly grassy. 
Ingredients: Cow's milk, salt, rennet. Preservative: Lysozyme (Egg protein). Inedible rind.

  • Aged more than 60 days
  • Rind smooth, elastic and light brown in colour
  • Curd hard, compact curd, pale yellow in colour 
  • Holes mall evenly distributed holes
  • Flavour fruity
  • Shape cylindrical, straight heel
  • Dimensions diameter 26/30 cm, height 7.2 cm
  • Weight 5.9 kg

Brand: Montasio DOP

  • Amount Per: 100 g
  • Calories: 392 kcal - 1656 Kj
  • Fat: 32 g
  • Protein: 26 g
  • Calcium: 740 mg