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Grana Padano PDO 20 months

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Aging: 20 months.

Available size: 1 kg, vacuum-packed.


Availability: Consegna entro 3 gg lavorativi

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IGrana Padano is one of the most well-known and loved PDO cheeses both in Italy and abroad. Grana Padano PDO Lattebusche is made from cow's milk and it is a hard, cooked-curd cheese. The curd is grainy and crumbly, white or pale yellow in color, covered by a hard, darker colored rind. The aroma is reminiscent of milk and butter, the flavor is intense and fragrant. Long aging and high nutritional value make Grana Padano easy to digest and a good addition to a well-balanced diet. The vacuum-sealed package keeps flavour and quality of the cheese unchanged for 12 months.

Ingredients: Cow's milk, salt, rennet. Preservative: Lysozyme (Egg protein). Inedible rind.

  • Aged 20 months.
  • Rind smooth, even, intense ochre colour.
  • Curd Grainy, crumbly, white or pale yellow in color.
  • Holes absent.
  • Flavour Intense, fragrant flavor.

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